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This file contains notes about the security of the tesbed, and what should
be done to enhance it:

1) Switches/Infrastucture hardware:
  1.1) Rules need to be set up on the control switch to restrict the
    IP/MAC that can be used on each port
  1.2) SNMP on the switches, power contollers, and anything else that
    uses it should be restricted to paper's IP/switch port.

2) Firewalling:
  2.1) Block outgoing connections from testbed nodes to the CS network
    - This is because something on this network may have (misguided)
    trust in them (especially paper/plastic)
  2.2) May want to block outgoing connections on specific ports to all
    IPs - for example, the SMTP port, to prevent people from using
    testbed nodes as spam mailhubs. Then again, this may be too
    restrictive, while giving few/no real advantages.

3) Filesystems:
  3.1) Home directories should be exported only to nodes currently
    running experiments that the user is involved in (will be secure
    because of 1.1)
  3.2) Home directories on Plastic should be mounted with the 'nosuid'
    and 'nodev' options on plastic and paper - users could, on their
    test nodes, create set-uid root programs, or make device nodes
    that they are allowed to read an write to.
  3.3) Remove suidperl binary on plastic (doesn't get installed on
    latest FreeBSD versions anyway) - See FreeBSD mount manpage for
    reason. Related to 3.2
  3.4) All testbed nodes, and plastic (any maybe paper too?) should
    NOT be able to mount our NFS server(s) or CS's. Could happen
    either through firewalling or rules on the NFS servers.
4) Policies:
  4.1) Flux'ers accounts on plastic and testbed nodes should not have
    stanard passwords (people may be able to get encrypted string and
  4.2) No accounts on plastic should have 'special priviledges' - we
    need to assume that any account on plastic can be compromised
  4.3) NO special passwords should be typed on plastic or the testbed
    nodes. This means don't telnet to the switches, ssh to any
    machines other than the testbed nodes, etc.