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	<title>Utah Network Testbed - FAQ</title>
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<h1>Emulab FAQ</h1>

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<li> <a href="#GS">Getting Started</a>
     <li> <a href="#GS-1">How do I start a project?</a>
     <li> <a href="#GS-2">How do I join a project?</a>
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     <li> <a href="#GS-3">Can I be in more than one project?</a>
     <li> <a href="#GS-4">Do I have a login account at Emulab?</a>
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<li> <a href="#UTT">Using the Testbed</a>
     <li> <a href="#UTT-1">Is there a tutorial?</a>
     <li> <a href="#UTT-2">Do I get root access on my nodes?</a>
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     <li> <a href="#UTT-3">Do my nodes have consoles I can look at?</a>
     <li> <a href="#UTT-4">Where do I store files needed by my experiment?</a>
     <li> <a href="#UTT-5">Are my nodes backed up (filesaved)?</a>

<li> <a href="#HDS">Hardware setup</a>
     <li> <a href="#HDS-1">How many nodes are there?</a>
     <li> <a href="#HDS-2">How many ethernet cards are on each node?</a>
     <li> <a href="#HDS-3">Can I do traffic shaping on my links?</a>

<li> <a href="#SWS">Software setup</a>
     <li> <a href="#SWS-1">What OS do the nodes run?</a>
     <li> <a href="#SWS-2">Can I run my own OS?</a>
     <li> <a href="#SWS-3">How do I load my OS on all my nodes?</a>
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<a NAME="GS"></a>
<h3>Getting Started</h3>
<li><a NAME="GS-1"></a>
    <h4>How do I start a project?</h4>
    If you are new to the Testbed, simply click on the "Start Project"
    link on the Emulab <a href="https://www.emulab.net">Home
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    Page</a>. You will need to fill in the forms with your personal
    information and information about the project. Then click on the
    "Submit" button. Within a few days you will be contacted via email
    with an approval message. More information about starting projects
    can be found in <a href="auth.html">Authorization Page</a>.
    If you already have an Emulab account, and wish to start a second
    project, first log into the Web Interface. Then select the "Start
    Project" link; all of the personal information will already be
    filled in. You will need to complete just the project information

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<li><a NAME="GS-2"></a>
    <h4>Someone told me to join their project. How do I do that?</h4>
    If you are new to the Testbed, simply click on the "Join Project"
    link on the Emulab <a href="https://www.emulab.net">Home
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    Page</a>. You will need to fill in the form with your personal
    information, and provide the name of the project you are trying to
    join (typically, the <i>Project Leader</i> will have told you the
    name of the project). The click on the "Submit" button, and wait
    for the project leader to approve you.  When approved you will
    receive an email message saying so, and you can then log into the

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<a NAME="UTT"></a>
<h3>Using the Testbed</h3>
<li><a NAME="UTT-1"></a>
    <h4>Is there a tutorial?</h4>
    Yes, we have an extensive <a href="tutorial/tutorial.html">tutorial</a>
    on using the Testbed.

<li><a NAME="UTT-2"></a>
    <h4>Do I get root access on my nodes?</h4>
    Yes. Project leaders get root access to all of the nodes in all of
    the experiments that are running in their project. Project members
    get root if their project leader grants them root access, when the
    leader approves the group <a href="#GS-1">membership request</a>.
    Root privileges are granted via the <code>sudo</code> command. The
    <a href="tutorial/tutorial.html#RootAccess">tutorial</a> describes
    this in more detail.

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[<a href="https://www.emulab.net/">Emulab.Net Home</a>]<br>
[<a href="http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/testbed/">Utah Network Testbed</a>]
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[<a href="http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/">Flux Research Group</a>]
[<a href="http://www.cs.utah.edu/">School of Computing</a>]
[<a href="http://www.utah.edu/">University of Utah</a>]
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<a href=\"mailto:testbed-ops@flux.cs.utah.edu\"> 
   Testbed Operations (testbed-ops@flux.cs.utah.edu)</a>
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