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<!-- This is the Clone help box -->
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    <button type='button' class='close' id="snapshot_popover_close">
	<center>What does Snapshot mean?</center>
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	Snapshot will make a copy of your disk, saving it away for
	future experiments based on the same profile. This is a
	complete disk copy, everything is saved. The next user to
	instantiate this profile will use this new disk image.
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	If your profile is already using a disk image created via
	snapshot (or Clone), the original disk image is saved for
	you. Note that only one copy of the image is saved. 
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	After you click to confirm, the node in your experiment will
	be shutdown, and a disk image captured. You will be able to
	track the progress of the image capture as it proceeds. When
	it is done, the "Ready" flag will be checked, and your node
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	Clone vs. Snapshot? You use Clone when the experiment you are
	running was created from another user's profile. Since you do not
	own that profile, you cannot Snapshot. Clone it first, and then you
	have your own profile you can instantiate and then Snapshot.
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