Commit 3912c216 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Extend the fix in previous commit to another path.

parent 7d2c8249
......@@ -615,6 +615,8 @@ class ProtoGeniServer(object):
scheme, netloc, path, query, fragment = urlsplit(url)
host,port = splitport(netloc)
if host in RPC_CERT_CN_REMAPS:
host = RPC_CERT_CN_REMAPS[host]
self.endpoints["default"] = { "host":host,"port":port,
"path":path }
except LookupError, err:
......@@ -632,6 +634,7 @@ class ProtoGeniServer(object):
LOG.debug("Default endpoint: %s" % (str(self.endpoints["default"]),))
LOG.debug("All endpoints: %s" % (str(self.endpoints),))
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