Commit 2cfe3e9c authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Sort the applicable methods.

parent 805f2cdb
......@@ -677,8 +677,11 @@ class Applicable(object):
:param subparsers: the argparse action object returned by :func:`argparse.ArgumentParser.add_subparsers`
for (name,(func,alias,cls,module,_help,largs,kwargs,formatter,fmtkwargs)) \
in Applicable._ARGPMETHODS.iteritems():
keys = Applicable._ARGPMETHODS.keys()
for name in keys:
(func,alias,cls,module,_help,largs,kwargs,formatter,fmtkwargs) = \
LOG.debug("adding subparser for %s (%s,%s,%s)" % (name,largs,kwargs,fmtkwargs))
ap = subparsers.add_parser(name,help=_help)
for (_largs,_kwargs,argd) in largs:
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