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About This Profile
**About This Profile**
This profile instantiates POWDER's Massive MIMO base station (Skylark Wireless Faros (R) with 64 antennas), and 2 Iris SDR clients connetec to a d430 machine. The profile also fetches the latest RENEWLab software with a wide variety of tools to work with Faros Massive MIMO base station, including MATLAB scripts for over-the-air many-antenna experiments, large-scale channel measurement, and many python tools for test and experimentation. To learn more about RENEWLab, see
Getting Started
**Getting Started**
After logging into pc1, RENEWLab software source is available at /local/repository.
To start a large-scale channel measurement:
cd /local/repository/CC/Sounder
`cd /local/repository/CC/Sounder
cmake .
make -j
./sounder files/tddconfig_1cl.json
sudo ./sounder files/tddconfig_1cl.json`
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