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This folder includes scripts to set up a basic topology and do Segment Routing between 2 nodes.

1. Topology in PhantomNet (or CloudLab): name "sripv6"

2. How to run:
	- Change the file manually to include the correct IPV6, MAC address, and device name for all of the nodes in the topology. This information is used to install routes on the node for SR.
	- Install globally routable IPV6 addresses for interfaces on the nodes: ./
	- Install the "uplink" path (from node1 to node4's netd): ./
	- Install the "downlink" returning path (from node4's netc directly to node1's netc): ./

3. Caviats:
	- As the "downlink" uses a different interface (netc) instead of the incomming interface (netd), ONLY stateless connections work (eg, ICMP, UDP). Iperf won't work because it uses stateful TCP connections.