Commit 4f2a98a4 authored by Binh Nguyen's avatar Binh Nguyen

Start ospf monitors on routers

parent dbe74e95
domain=$(echo $hn | awk -F'.' '{print $2"."$3"."$4"."$5}')
for i in 2 3 4
echo -e "\n========================="
echo "Start OSPF monitor on node $i ..."
#ssh node$i.$domain "cd ~/sripv6-linux/ospf_monitor/; nohup sudo ./ 2>&1 &"
ssh node$i.$domain "cd ~/sripv6-linux/ospf_monitor/; sudo screen -S ospf_monitor -d -m ./"
echo "DONE starting OSPF monitors on all nodes!"
exit 0
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