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Commit f20c9a3c authored by amaricq's avatar amaricq

Initial Commit

Modified Version of STREAM that comments out the Single-Threaded portion
# -DSTREAM_ARRAY_SIZE=Number of elements in test arrays (default 10 million)
# -DNTIMES=Number of times to repeat the test cycle (default 10)
# -DOFFSET=Offset of test arrays, may affect array alignment (default 0)
# -DSTREAM_TYPE=Type of the test arrays (default 'double')
# -DVERBOSE=Verbose output
# set OMP_NUM_THREADS=N to set number of openmp threads (default system max)
CC = gcc
NTIMES = 500
STREAM_TYPE = double
OPT = O2
all: streamc
streamc: stream.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) stream.c -lm -o streamc
mac: stream.c
gcc-6 $(CFLAGS) stream.c -o streamc
rm -f streamc *.o
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