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"""This is a trivial example of a gitrepo-based profile; The profile source code and other software, documentation, etc. are stored in in a publicly accessible GIT repository (say, When you instantiate this profile, the repository is cloned to all of the nodes in your experiment, to `/local/repository`.
This particular profile is a simple example of using a single raw PC. It can be instantiated on any cluster; the node will boot the default operating system, which is typically a recent version of Ubuntu.
Wait for the profile instance to start, then click on the node in the topology and choose the `shell` menu item.
# Import the Portal object.
import geni.portal as portal
# Import the ProtoGENI library.
import as pg
# Create a portal context.
pc = portal.Context()
# Create a Request object to start building the RSpec.
request = pc.makeRequestRSpec()
# Add a raw PC to the request.
node = request.RawPC("node")
# Install and execute a script that is contained in the repository.
node.addService(pg.Execute(shell="sh", command="/local/repository/"))
# Print the RSpec to the enclosing page.
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